Adult Ministries

Our congregation is blessed to have many talented, dedicated, and hard-working members who give of themselves to direct, as Deacons, the many ministries of our church. Below are some of the ministries they lead. Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of their team. They’d love to have you!

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry exists to lead us towards deeper faith in Christ. Participants in the various classes, geared for their age or interest should find themselves encouraged or challenged in their faith, or discovering faith in Christ and His transforming presence. At Grace, Christian Education encompasses three main components:  Nursery, Bible Classes, and Children’s Church.

Nursery: Nursery welcomes children from birth through age 3

Grace Fellowship benefits from a dedicated staff of volunteers working in the nursery to:

Nursery is available:

We consider the care of your children a contract of trust. With this in mind, the following important features have been integrated into our nurseries:

Bible Classes: Classes offered to ages 4 to 104

We seek, at age-appropriate levels, to pave the way to a Christ-encounter through a study of his Word, prayer and fellowship. Classes meet between our two worship services, from 9:00-9:50 AM. A complete “menu” of classes and locations is available in the foyer and hallway.

Classes are presently (2013-2014) divided as follows:

Adult class are available in various subjects.

Children’s Church: Offered to children age 4 through 2nd grade during 2nd service

Children’s Church provides a “kid-sized” church time during the pastor’s sermon in order to make faith in Jesus relevant to their lives. Through a curriculum of lessons and activities that appeal to the younger mind, Jesus’ love and redeeming work are communicated in simple language.

Children are dismissed for Children’s Church after the singing and prayer portion of the 2nd service. Children follow the teacher to their class (upstairs, Room 3) for the remainder of the morning service. Parents are asked to meet their children upstairs after the service.

Our teachers serve for two Sundays at a time on a rotating schedule.

Do you have a gift for working with children? Has the Lord given you the ability to teach His Word to children? to adults? Call our secretary to explore how to become involved in this ministry.

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The Fellowship Ministry’s purpose it to bring the church family together through various events and activities throughout the year. Some of these are:

We can always use help with fellowship activities, clean-up crews, and planning events. Please call our secretary if you would like to roll your sleeves up and get involved with our family!

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As we engage the world in global missions, our purpose is to partner with God’s servants who are reaching out to a lost world. Grace Fellowship supports several families around the world who minister through various organizations including but not limited to:

We support these families financially as well as through regular contact and prayer support. “Missions Moments” and messages from visiting missionaries during church services maintain communication with the church family so we can pray for specific missionary needs. We strive to be an encouragement to our missionaries and maintain a partnership with their work.

We also involve the church congregation by giving them opportunities to experience God’s work through short-term missions trips. These trips provide opportunities for team members to be challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ, to share their faith with others, and to be an encouragement to those they visit.

During one of these trips, several team members and local leaders in Kenya felt God’s leading to start an orphanage/home in Kenya for homeless boys, called Brook of Hope. The team members came back, began fundraising, and the home was started. A small room was rented where the boys live, and food, clothing, supervision, and schooling is provided. With His guidance the team members recently raised money to purchase enough land for a separate compound for the home. We are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do at Brook of Hope in the future!

Do you have a desire to know more about Grace Fellowship’s support of God’s servants doing His work on college campuses and in other countries? Call our secretary for more information about the ministries we support.

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The Outreach Ministry’s purpose is to minister and extend help to those in our town and community that are not part of our church body through services, activities, and events. Some are:

Adults, teens, and kids alike all participate in these programs, bringing help, comfort, and spiritual blessings to those in need. God has blessed our church family abundantly and we wish to demonstrate Christ’s love through our outreach efforts. We wish to be a beacon of light in the valley of darkness.

Has Jesus blessed you with a ministering spirit or a desire to be a blessing to those in need? Call our secretary and join the team!

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Property Management

It is amazing to see how much activity there is in the Bible centered around building.  God had skilled craftsmen come together to build the Tent of  Meeting and the Ark of the Covevnant. In Exodus 34:4 (NIV) we read,  “every skilled person to whom the LORD has given skill and ability to know how to carry out all the work of constructing the sanctuary are to do the work just as the LORD has commanded."

The Lord had King Solomon build an incredible structure called the Temple. “Then Solomon began to build the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the LORD had appeared to his father David” (2 Chronicles 3:1 NIV).  We also see Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem because it was broken down and its gates were destroyed by fire.  Here at Grace Fellowship we realize the building is not the church but we are thankful  in the fact the Lord has given us a place to worship and to carry on the work of ministry in North Stonington. It is our hope that God would be glorified as it is used.

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Small Groups = "Life Groups"

The Small Group or Life Group Ministry focuses on spiritual growth by meeting together to study God's word and share experiences and life lessons. Groups meet at different times in homes, our church, or other gatherings. We believe Christ wants His family to be known for their love for each other. To that end, we endeavor to:

The first century believers met together for prayer, fellowship, and teaching, and experienced great spiritual growth. Are you interested in this kind of spiritual growth for yourself? Contact our secretary to learn about becoming a part of a Life Group, or even hosting one!

"Being together, looking into God’s word together, fellowshipping together brings LIFE!"

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The Worship Ministry's purpose is to promote services that honor and praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the things we provide are:

The members involved with the Worship Ministry work hard to help make our Sunday morning Worship Service a blessed time. They contribute great value to the service, no matter how small their efforts might seem to them. From the moment we are greeted at the door, to singing and worshiping our Lord, all contribute their special gifts to make the service a wonderful, worshipful experience.

Has the Lord blessed you with welcoming, musical, or technical talents? Then call our secretary and join our team!

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